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The Power of Music

Kindness in Two Souls

While sending an email invite to the Royal College of Music, the first sentence that came to my mind was, " I would like to use music to heal the world," but I don't have the talent. It would be great to have your resonance with this vision to join this project. Then, I received so much kind feedback from the musicians, and the first one I met is Isin Eray. 

Music composer

About Isin Eray

Isin Eray is an award nominee composer, orchestrator and arranger for film, TV and games.

Her music scores for films have been internationally screened in film festivals worldwide including Cannes, London, LA and Milan. Recently she has collaborated with the north film orchestra with recording her latest orchestral piece “Two Souls” in Manchester.


Isin has worked with very Talented film directors on short films which have won numerous awards such as Asim Abbasi Whore , once a man ( dir of film Cake) and Dorothy Lieper “The Living Thames” featuring sir David Attenborough which she is privileged in working together with. Her Latest score for the living Thames was nominated for the best soundtrack award in Milan Film Festival.

In early 2021 she is honoured to take up conducting and musical directing lessons with John Landor and orchestration lessons with Andrew Brinsford. In September 2022 she will join the world Renowned Royal College of Music to do her masters in Composition for Screen. Latest projects will include “The Living Thames 2” and a Feature Film.

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