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Sensory Threads : A Collaborative Music Mind Textiles Immersive Experience



Curating an art installation with live musical performance through  “Music-Mind-Textiles”

To inspire everyone with inclusiveness awareness

To allow anyone whether consciously or unconsciously to experience a wealth of emotions through music.

The ‘universal language’ of spiritual healing.  

Art therapy allows us to breakthrough into the realistic world.

This moment relieves the soul and brings back the purity and peace of humanity .


“ The Future of the Mind”


By purity, by knowledge, by patience, by kindness, 

By the Spirit, by sincere love.


– Corinthians 6:6

The Music-Mind-Textiles project represents a groundbreaking fusion of artistry, technology, and mindfulness, captivating audiences at prestigious events such as the London Design Biennale 2023, RCA 2023 Kensington exhibition, and FashionDistrict lFestival. It brings together a diverse team, including designers from the Royal College of Art; accomplished composers from the Royal College of Music; the expertise of Foster + Partners' Specialist modeling group; and Italian textile weaver Dreamlux. This collaborative endeavour showcases the project's commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration, seamlessly integrating the realms of Art, Design, Science, and Technology.  read more 

Original soundtrack by Royal College of Music

MMus Music Composers

Art Installation designed by Royal College of Art

MA Textiles Designer and Architect

Digital Jacquard Soft System

Neuroscience Innovative Textiles and

soft-system designed by Amelia Peng


The Aesthetics of Smart Textiles

Liquidity Consciousness by YuHu

The Curves :  Sound-wave vs. Brain-wave EEG

Generate Resilience by Alisha Raman


The integration of Music (sonic design), Mind (electroencephalogram EEG), and Textile design (Digital Jacquard)

into a smart textile soft-system by Amelia Peng, developed with the Specialist Modelling Group, Foster+Partners

© RCA 2023  Amelia Peng, Project Music-Mind-Textiles ,  SMG, Foster+ Partners

Biennale Talks

Threads of Mindful Innovation

Thursday 08 Jun 2023    13:00 - 14:00

Somerset House

In today's fast-paced and demanding world, the importance of promoting mindfulness, celebrating neurodiversity and improving mental health cannot be overstated. Recognising this need is the groundbreaking collaborative project, Music-Mind-Textiles, brought to you by the Inner Peace pavilion which threads together multidisciplinary explorations of material innovation and neuroaesthetics to create a more peaceful inner world.

How can we design inclusive environments using smart textiles, data science and brain research to transform lives and promote a more compassionate society? Join leading experts in neuroscience and art therapy from the Royal College of Art and Foster + Partners as they discuss the potential therapeutic benefits of combining innovative music and textile design. 

The Inner Peace pavilion aims to harness the unique therapeutic qualities of music and textiles to create a transformative experience that benefits individuals of all backgrounds, fosters personal well-being and empowers neurodiverse individuals.

Chair: Victoria Broackes, Director, London Design Biennale.



LDB321 - Courtyard - Photo by Ed Reeve_1440x647.jpg

London Design Biennale  2023


Pavilion :  Inner Peace

Sensory Threads : A Collaborative Music Mind-Textiles Immersive Experience


Jun.1 -25


Nelson Staircase , Somerset House

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