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The essence of Water, Kindness :

Poetic metaphor to this chaotic world in humanitarian, 

Crisis, War, Conflict, Hate, Diseases, Injustice. It is bleeding, washing, and cleaning.  

Back to mindfulness, human-wellbeing, therefore existed.  


States of water, solid, liquid and gas.  How it humbly purifies, 

Learnt from God's wisdom and mother earth’s generosity. How tolerant of all historical disasters.  


Music is the 'universal language' of spiritual healing, partly owing to its power to evoke strong emotions and influences.

 It could be anything and everything as a key factor, lost and found - “ The Inner Peace”.


Notice and honour the varieties of our experiences and ways of knowing and being in the world. 

We are all survivors after the uncertainty of the pandemic. 

We have a mission to humanity, society and the world.

We use music as an interface to convert boundaries and limitations. 




Curating an art installation with live musical performance through 


To inspire everyone with inclusiveness awareness

To allow anyone whether consciously or unconsciously to experience a wealth of emotions

through music. The ‘universal language’ of spiritual healing.  

Art therapy allows us to breakthrough into the realistic world.

This moment relieves the soul and brings back the purity and peace of humanity .


" The Future of The Mind."



" The glory, jest and riddle of the world! "

–  An Essay on Man  by Alexander Pope

" Why do we exist ?”

Likewise water is purity

In abundance, if it survives our thirst.


We enter, we are born, without rhyme or reason 

willing to live nor die, 

into the commonwealth of its power.


Waterfall, cascading lines of silver water pouring incessantly into the mind, 

The whitest lie, blinding history truth or faith.


The few flakes, delightful otherworldly, 

creeps up to the black sea Loquacity speaks only the script,

Amazed by every dot, delightful threads 

Inter-woven as a story


Ubiquitous praise and unbroken heart

Inevitable Joy, and whispered Love 

Faithfulness, that this all is from heaven  above.


Life on the river, flow, stream, raindrops, fallen… 

Melting, fusion, ices, frozen, all kinds of forms. 


Tiny elements as likewise human life.

It shines by the subtle angle of lights

The dawn shines the kindness through the darkness.

- Artist Statemen

Amelia Peng 

RCA MA Textiles 2023


Project Curator, Artistic Designer

Jacquard on loom

Material Science RCA instructor : Dr. Elif Ozden Yenigun

Smart Textiles Tutor :  Dr. Sara Robertson 

Smart & Advance Textiles Tutor :  Dr. Marie O'Mahony

Digital Jacquard  RCA instructor :  Rosie Green

Smart Textile Design

Research & Development by Amelia Peng

Soft-system technical design by Amelia Peng

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