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The interactive art with live musical performance “Music-Mind-Textile” will be composed by the audience, their feelings and emotions will determine the visual effect. This project aims to improve mental wellbeing, neurodiversity, a sense of belonging with inclusiveness for a better world.


The concept “Humanity and The Future of the Mind” is a live musical performance that allows anyone to experience emotions through music. Guests at the "Pavilion: Inner Peace" Somerset House will be part of an immersive display, where their sensory receptors will compose the visualisation.


The original soundtrack created by Royal College of Music composers and musicians, collaborated experienced Artists from Royal College of Art will collaborate with worldwide prestigious Textile Weavers , Neuroscientists and Psychologists, in order to bridge a cross-disciplinary new data science formation for the visual effects during the performance.


The project aims to embrace inclusiveness and improve mental wellbeing by combining original music with an innovative smart-textiles art installation,  meeting the Sustainable Development Goal  For awareness of MentalHealth, Education, and Innovation.

Project Team ​Collaborators

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Connecting with cross-discipline collaboration, presented by our partners, artist, musicians, instructors, SME, Neuroscientist, Psychotherapist and industrial expert partners collaborating together.


Project Advisors


Anne Toomey

Royal College of Art, Head of Programme, MA Textiles

Project Adviser for Project Curation

Dr. Nick de Leon

Royal College of Art , School of Design

Executive Education and Knowledge Exchange Lead

Project Adviser , Design360 for Sustainable Future 

Stephen Johns

Royal College of Music, Artistic Director

Project Adviser Music Artistic Direction

Dr. Jonathan Cole

Royal College of Music,  Head of Composition, MMus, PhD, FRCM

Project Adviser for Music Composition  

Dr. Elif Ozden Yenigun

Royal College of Art, Senior Tutor Textiles MA

Project Adviser for Material Science and Manufacturing. 

Dr. Marie O'Mahony

Royal College of Art, Tutor Textiles MA

Project Adviser for Advance Textiles 

Dr. Sara Robertson

Royal College of Art, Tutor for Smart Textiles

Project Adviser for Smart Textiles : Soft Systems and Digital Assemblies 

Neil Musson

Royal College of Art,  Tutor Textiles MA

Project Adviser for Art Installation  

Rosie Green

Royal College of Art, Technical Instructor, Digital Jacquard

Project Adviser for Digital Jacquard

Tom Simmons

Royal College of Art,  Head of Programme, MA Digital Direction 

Project Adviser for Digital Direction 

Joe Hirst

Royal College of Art, Sound Studio, Technical Instructor 

Project Adviser for Music Production 

Dimitris Menexopoulos

Royal College of Art, Visiting Lecturer, Information Experience Design

Project Adviser for Sonic Interactive Design

Pietro Bardini

Royal College of Art, Technical Instructor, Physical Computing

Project Adviser for Computer programming

Dr. Jamie A Ward

Goldsmiths University of London, Lecturer Machine Learning

Project Adviser for Wearable Sensing

Dr. Marianna Kapsetaki

Imperial College London, Phd Cognitive Neuroscience

Project Adviser for Neuroscience and Music Performer

Creative and Cultural Communities

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Our Project connect to the world, Connecting people and places, including diaspora communities, nationally and internationally

 cultural activities and in creative and cultural practitioners, arts organisations, museums and libraries helps improve lives, regenerate neighbourhoods, support local economies, attract visitors and bring people together! increased cultural engagement and the wide range of social benefits it brings improve health and wellbeing through creative and cultural activity

from education , innovation-led art design to social responsibilities. 


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The Global Goals

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Hands Up
“‘by 2030, England will be a country in which the creativity of each of us is valued and given the chance to flourish and where everyone has access to a remarkable range of
high-quality cultural experiences.’."

ARTS COUNCIL ENGLAND  Delivery Plan 2021-24

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