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Project Summery

Inner peace

The Music Mind Textiles project represents a groundbreaking fusion of artistry, technology, and mindfulness, captivating audiences at prestigious events such as the RCA 2023 Kensington exhibition, Fashion-District Festival, and London Design Biennale 2023. It brings together a diverse team, including Textile Designers and Architect from the Royal College of Art; music composers from the Royal College of Music; the expertise of Foster + Partners' Specialist modelling group; and Italian textile weaver Dreamlux. This collaborative endeavour showcases the project's commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration, seamlessly integrating the realms of Art, Design, Science, and Technology.

"Inner Peace" enacts a metaphorical soul-purification, offering a unique rite of passage towards a new era of universal empathy. highlighting the wisdom of God and the generosity of Earth. At the heart of Music-Mind-Textile lies an enchanting "Waterfall-like" installation that flawlessly merges original musical compositions with innovative smart-textiles art installations. By allowing the audience's emotions to shape the visual and auditory experience, the textile traverses the impressive installation and is programmed to tune in with the collective emotional state, projecting the public's feelings through its color fluctuations - "Seeing Music in Colour". This harnesses the evocative power of music and immersive multi-sensory textiles, taking the audience on a transformative journey of rediscovering inner peace and heralding "The Future of the Mind."


The project fosters social engagement and inclusivity, empowering individuals, particularly those with diverse neurological perspectives, while unveiling the inherent therapeutic qualities embedded within the integration of music and textiles. This immersive experience sparks introspection, fosters meaningful connections, and strives to enhance mental well-being. Music-Mind-Textile harnesses the transformative potential of design to cultivate mindfulness and inner peace, aligning with the awareness of Health, Education, and Innovation. The project culminates in a transformative experience that embraces EDI inclusiveness towards a sustainable future. (SDG 3.  ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being and Mental Health for all at all ages. , Goal 5. Promote women’s empowerment through technology. SDG12. Sustainable Production).


The concept of “Music-Mind-Textile” inspired from "The glory, jest, and riddle of the world!" These profound words from Alexander Pope's "An Essay on Man" encapsulate the essence of our existence and the intricate nature of our world. This essay delves into the concept of Water and Kindness as poetic metaphors, representing the tumultuous state of our world marred by humanitarian crises, conflicts, hatred, diseases, and injustice. Water symbolizes the power to purify, cleanse, and instill mindfulness and human well-being amidst the chaos and turmoil. It exists in various states - solid, liquid, and gas - mirroring its ability to heal and resilience, drawing from the wisdom of God and the generosity of Earth.  Music, often hailed as the "universal language," holds the key to spiritual healing, capable of evoking strong emotions and profoundly influencing our well-being. It becomes an essential element in finding inner peace amidst the chaos, transcending boundaries and connecting people on a profound level.

Aim of Research

The aim of this research is to uncover new insights into the delivery of e-textiles, their impact on personal emotions, and their potential to empower individuals through interactive art installations. By exploring these aspects, we strive to shed light on unexplored dimensions of e-textiles and delve into their transformative capabilities in the realm of interactive art. Through our investigation, we seek to unveil novel understandings and generate previously unknown answers that contribute to the advancement of this field. Ultimately, our research endeavors to harness the power of e-textiles to create meaningful and empowering experiences that deeply resonate with individuals and society, fostering personal growth, emotional connections, and making a significant societal impact. A collective responsibility to humanity, society, and the world, and music serves as a potent catalyst for positive change, enabling us to transform and bridge divides, creating a more harmonious and inclusive world.

Contemporary, conceptual, contextual and Cultural questions pertinent to the discipline of Textiles

Strategy for creative risk taking 

The strategy is focused on facilitating cross-disciplinary collaboration by bringing together individuals with diverse educational backgrounds, personalities, and professional expertise from various institutions and industries. Through the creation of an environment that promotes creative experimentation, our aim is to harness the collective knowledge and experiences of our team members to drive innovation and achieve breakthrough solutions. Key elements of our strategy include fostering open communication, promoting knowledge sharing, and bridging the gap between academia and industry. By leveraging the strengths of each discipline and industry, we strive to establish a collaborative ecosystem that encourages the exploration of new ideas and pushes the boundaries of what is possible. Ultimately, the goal is to make a meaningful impact on industries and society as a whole by driving transformative innovation.

  • MUSIC       Music-evoked emotions

  • MIND         ⅖ Senses Design : EEG Neuroaesthetics

  • TEXTILE     Sensory Threads Technology

Interactive Textile Design for Theatre, music live event, Fashion Runway

Collaborative with brands, events for social influences.

London Design Biennale

  • There were 27,934 visitors to the exhibition

  • 182,513 people visited Somerset House, including the Courtyard and River Terrace

  • 4 medals awarded: Poland (London Design Biennale Medal), Abu Dhabi (Theme Medal), Taiwan (Best Design Medal), Turkey (Public Medal), with commendations to the Netherlands, India and South Korea. For EUREKA, the Centre for Natural Material Innovation, Cambridge University received the greatest number of public votes, followed by National Innovation Centre for Ageing (NICA) 

  • Biennale Talk:  Threads of Mindful Innovation Jun.8.2023

International Media/ Press


350+ national & international articles, including: AnOther, ArchDaily, Associated Press, Channel 4, CNN Travel, Condé Nast Traveller, Corriere della Sera, Daily Mirror, Design Week, Designboom, Dezeen, Disegno, Evening Standard, FAD, Financial Times, France24, House & Garden, Hypebeast, i (newspaper), Monocle, NPR, Reuters, Sky News, STIR World, Surface, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The National, The Sun, The Times, Times Malta, Times Radio, Vogue Arabia, Wallpaper* • 130+ accredited media and media coverage from 20+ countries and territories


Project advisers


Anne Toomey  (Project Curation )

Head of Textiles Programme, RCA

Dr. Elif Ozden Yenigun

Senior Tutor Textiles, RCA

Dr. Marie O'Mahony

Senior Lecturer, Research, RCA

Dr. Nick de Leon

Executive Education and Knowledge Exchange Lead, RCA

Rama Gheerawo

Director, The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design

Stephen Johns

Music Artistic Director, RCM

Dr. Jonathan Cole

Head of Music Composition, RCM 

Rosie Green

Specialist Technical Instructor in Woven Textiles, RCA

Joe Hirst

Sound Studio Tech Instructor, RCA

Pietro Bardini

Specialist Technical Instructor, Physical Computing, RCA

Dimitris Menexopoulos

Visiting Lecturer, Information Experience Design, RCA

Eleni Giannoulis

Clinical Psychologist MSc, Neuropsychologist, Art Psychotherapist MA,

Group Analyst (tr.), Creative Arts Therapies' Supervisor, ECPh

Dr. Hermionie Giannouli

Neurologist , Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)

Dr. Jamie A Ward

Senior Lecturer, Machine Learning, Goldsmiths University of London

Dr. Marianna Kapsetaki

Medical Doctor, Neuroscientist, PhD Cognitive Neuroscience,

Imperial College London

Industry collaborators


Irene Gallou

Senior Partner, Head of Specialist Modelling Group (SMG) Foster+Partners

Josef Musil

Partner, Design Systems Analyst(SMG) Foster+Partners

Saina Akhond

Design Systems Analyst Robotics (SMG) Foster+Partners

Yu Hu

Material Researcher (SMG) Foster+Partners

Nicola Agresta

Senior Lighting Designer (SMG) Foster+Partners

Andy Acred 

Associate, PhD, MA (Cantab), MEng (SMG) Foster+Partners

Xiaoming Yang

Associate Partner, Environmental Analyst (SMG) Foster+Partners

Aran Sena

Robotics & AI researcher (SMG) Foster+Partners

Antonella Bevilacqua


Tommaso Galbersanini

CEO Dreamlux, Samsara S.r.l.

Veronica Chiappucci

Commercial Back Office, Samsara S.r.l.

Luca Farhanghi

Manager, Lodetex SpA

Simon Van Parijs

Director of Photography

Harris Alvi

Director, Backlight Visuals

Project collaborators


Isin Eray Eray

MMus Composition for Screen, RCM

Obe Vermeulen

MComp Composition, RCM

Jacques Allen

MMus Composition, RCM

Huan Zhang

MMus Piano Performance, RCM

Monique Pong

Founder of Music Children Foundation(HK), Music Education RCM,

Dip Ecole Normale (Paris), Adv.Dip (HKAPA)

Dr. Marianna Kapsetaki

Neuroscientist, Classical Pianist, Imperial College London

Dr. Gelly Gryntaki

Art Writer, Curator

Alisha Raman

MA Architecture, RCA

Évelin Maier

MA Contemporary Art Practice,  School of Arts & Humanities

Eloise Stringer

MA Visual Communication, RCA

Abodid Sahoo

MA Digital Direction, RCA

Marina Fraser

Movement Direction, Proformer, Choreographer

Amalia Pop

Cinematography, DoP, MA Filmmaking, London Film Academy

Hristina Tasheva

Focus Puller, MA Filmmaking, London Film Academy

Gurnihal Singh

Gaffer, MA Filmmaking, London Film Academy

Coraline Miloudi


Project Creation & Artistic Designer

Amelia Peng

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