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Somerset House

Immerse yourself in the architectural splendor of Somerset House, a grand masterpiece envisioned by the visionary Sir William Chambers and brought to life between 1776 and 1801. Within its magnificent walls, the iconic Nelson Staircase gracefully ascends through five awe-inspiring stories. Originally known as the Navy Staircase, this architectural gem allowed Sir William Chambers. Situated in the southern part of the building, the Nelson Staircase stands as a testament to Chambers' imaginative vision and exceptional craftsmanship.

Find your Inner Peace : 
The Nelson Stair 

Discover the profound metaphor of 'Inner Peace' art installation, symbolizing the harmony between human individuality and environmental-social relationships. Embrace diversity and find solace in the interconnectedness of our collective human experience.

Nelson Stair.jpg

inner peace installation at Nelson Stair, Somerset House

Journey Through History and Imagination

Somerset House in 1828

Somerset_House,_Deeble,_1828 (1)_edited.

The Arch Design 

Symbolising Resilience Restoration after WWII 1940

Through the passage of time, notably the devastating bomb damage it endured in 1940 World War II. Yet, its enduring significance prompted the meticulous restoration efforts led by the esteemed Sir Albert Richardson, ensuring that the staircase's beauty and historical significance remained intact.

Date: Oct 1940 - Dec 1950   

Source: Historic England Archive

As you step into Somerset House, you are transported to a realm where history and art intertwine seamlessly. The Nelson Staircase stands as a remarkable testament to human ingenuity and the harmonious fusion of architecture and imagination. Journey through time and be captivated by the grandeur of Somerset House,  



" where every corner

holds tales of artistic

brilliance and cultural heritage. "

Nelson Stair.jpeg

The Navy Stair (later renamed the 'Nelson Stair') which leads to the old Navy Boardroom.

Somerset House, Strand,
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